Red Light Cameras

Overview of the Program

The City of Frederick began photo enforcement of red light violations in 2005 as a part of its multifaceted approach to traffic safety. Currently there are 9 intersections that are monitored for red light violations. As of 12/31/12 over 48,000 violations have been recorded by the cameras installed at these intersections. Each intersection that is monitored by a red light camera is marked with a sign that states “Red Light Photo Enforced.” The locations of these intersections, as well as violation statistics for each, is periodically released to the media. The locations are listed below:


North East Street and East 3rd Street East Patrick St. and Monocacy Blvd. Motter Ave. and West 7th St. Opossumtown Pike and Thomas Johnson Drive West South Street and Jefferson Street
West South Street and Center Street
East South Street and South East Street
West South Street and Ice Street
Eastbound Route 40 at Hillcrest Drive