Vendor Information

How to Do Business with The City Of Frederick.

THE CITY OF FREDERICK maintains an active vendor database which is utilized for all City solicitations. Vendor applications may be obtained from the Purchasing Department. The City recognizes the importance and responsibility of awarding contracts to those businesses socially and economically disadvantaged and it is the policy of the City of Frederick to utilize Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in all aspects of contracting. Individuals who are unquestionably presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged include Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Native-Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, and Asian-Indian Americans.

Program Requirements

Bidders on City contracts shall make good faith efforts to subcontract a portion of the prime contract to small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals as required by the City of Frederick Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Plan (DBE). In the event that the bidder qualifies as a DBE, this effort shall be deemed to have been met. The apparent successful competitor will be required to submit information concerning the DBE(s) who will participate in this contract. The information will include the name and address of each DBE, a description of the work to be preformed by each named firm, and the dollar value of the contract. If the bidder fails to provide DBE participation in the contract, documentation will be required from the bidder demonstrating that good faith effort to obtain DBE participation were attempted by the bidder. This information must be provided on a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation Form. In addition, the bidder must complete and provide a City of Frederick Affirmative Action Data Form with its bid. A bid that fails to meet these requirements will be considered nonresponsive.

Procedures Implemented to Invite Participation and Ensure an Opportunity to DBE(s)

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are invited to attend and participate in “How to do Business with the City of Frederick Seminars”
  • DBE(s) will be invited to attend pre-bid meetings. All bids will be advertised twenty (20) days, more or less, before bids or proposals are requested.
  • DBE(s) will be provided written notice that their interest in a proposed contract is solicited
  • The City will maintain a list of DBE(s) registered with the City to be contacted.
  • DBE(s) will be provided with information plans and specifications as provided to all bidders.
  • The City will offer assistance in obtaining bonding and insurance requirements, which shall include providing information to DBE(s) as to companies and/or businesses that may provide bonding and insurance and encouraging local companies and/or businesses to provide bonding and insurance for DBE(s).
  • The DBE Committee will prepare annual report for the Mayor and Board of Alderman detailing the results of this Plan.

Disadvantage Business Enterprise Directory

An up-to-date DBE directory is available from the Purchasing Department and will be provided to all bidders and proposers upon request. Certification of the DBE will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Procedures to Determine Eligibility of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

SCHEDULE A for DBE firms and SCHEDULE B for Joint Ventures will be used to determine eligibility of firms as DBE(s), which may be obtained from the office of Purchasing. In addition, proof of DBE Certification from the State of Maryland will be conclusive of DBE eligibility.

Selection Criteria Used to Ensure That Prime Contractors Are Awarded to Competitors Who Include DBE

Selection will be based on the determination of whether the competitor offering the lowest responsible bid also include DBE(s) or has demonstrated that a good faith efforts were attempted to include DBE(s). This analysis will be made using the information presented in the DBE Plan.

Methods That Require Sub-Recipients, Contractors and Sub-Contractors to Comply With DBE Requirements

The contract agreement will require that the prime contractor make every effort to include DBE(s) in the contract
If upon review the City, or its representative, determines that any contractor/bidder has not acted in good faith with regard to his/her obligations under the DBE Plan, then said contractor/bidder shall be precluded from participation in contracts with the City of Frederick. However, the non-complying contractor/bidder may be allowed to resume participation in City of Frederick contracts upon a demonst4ation of rehabilitative measures that address the specific non-compliance.