Freecycle Roundup

Freecycle Roundup Provided as Less Wasteful Alternative to Bulk Trash

Next Roundup Date:  Saturday October 20, 2018 8 AM-2 PM

Location:   Public Works Facility,  111 Airport Drive East

Twice a year, the City of Frederick offers the Freecycle Roundup as a free opportunity for residents to dispose of unwanted bulk items, for potential reuse and recycling.

The city previously conducted curbside bulk trash collection, but found that a large percentage of items set out for bulk trash were actually still serviceable, or could be repurposed.  The Freecycle Roundup provides a cost-effective way for residents to dispose of bulk items, put fewer useful items in the landfill, recycle more items and benefit local non-profits. 

Roundups occur each fall and spring: The spring Freecycle Roundup is open at the Department of Public Works facility, 111, Airport Drive East. In the fall, the Roundup is staged at a convenient site in a particular geographic area of the City. The website and the City’s cable Channel 99 will carry announcements about the next scheduled Freecycle Roundup several weeks ahead.

This spring Roundup includes free document shredding.

Freecycle Roundup is for City of Frederick residents only.  No sign-up or registration is required to drop off items. Identification cards will be checked to verify residency.

At other times of the year, the City offers curbside pickup of bulk items, for a fee. Pickup appointments may be arranged by calling 301-600-1680.

Some guidelines apply to items eligible for the Freecycle Roundup:

All items must be less than 7 feet in length.

Charitable organizations will be on hand and available to take donations of items.

The Following items will be accepted:         

Furniture (indoor/outdoor)Clothing
Appliances with refrigerants removedPurses
Large toys (playground, kitchens, slides, etc.)Shoes
Swing sets (7’ or less)Books
Box springs & mattresses (3 per household) must sign affidavitCDs, DVDs, VHS, etc.
Mowers, weed eaters, trimmers, etc. (with all fluids removed)Furniture
Grills with tanks removedElectronics
Computer equipmentMonitors
TVs    Plastics

The Following items will not be accepted:         

Bags of Trash
No document shredding

For more information, please call 301-600-1440.