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Lease Management
The City of Frederick Facilities Manager oversees the City's leasing activities between City departments and commercial and public landlords. Lease agreements are in place for offices, public facilities, museums, parking spaces, airplane tie-down spaces, and other rental needs.

Leases are procured in accordance with the City of Frederick real property disposition policy, Resolution Number 12-02. The City may issue an (RFP) or advertise the space for lease. RFPs are advertised on the City Procurement web-site, the Facilities web-site and potentially in local print and / or online newspapers and trade publications.

RFP responses are scored and evaluated, tenants may be asked to clarify their proposal and submit a "Best and Final Offer." To insure fairness, proposals are kept strictly confidential during the evaluation process. All leases must receive final approval from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen before they can be executed.

The Facilities Manager and City Departments may conduct, when necessary, inspections of leased properties to ensure that tenants are complying with lease terms.

Judi Arnold
Facilities Manager
Ph: (301) 600-2204
Fax: (301) 600-1381


City Hall
101 North Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

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