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A number of maps are regularly maintained by the GIS Department.  These maps are available to both city departments and citizens.  The below table shows these maps along with two sizes available for download.  A standard 8.5 x 11 inch print is available as well as the much larger 42 x 50 which will require a plotter in order to print.  Maps can be printed by the city for a nominal fee.

Map Title Letter Print Large Print Description
Base Map Download Download General City of Frederick
reference map.
Base Index Download Download General Reference map with a grid.
NAC Map Download Download Boundaries for Neighbordhood
Advisory Councils
Path Plan Download  Download  Existing and Proposed paths in the City
 of Frederick
 Street Sweeping Map
Download Download Street Sweeping Nights for the City
Voting Locations Not Available
Voting Districts and Polling Locations
for the City
Downtown Parking Download Download Downtown Parking Deck Locations
for the City
Historic District Map Download Download Area covered by the historic district boundary in downtown Frederick
Zoning Map Not Available Download Official City of Frederick
current zoning map
Comp Plan Map Not Available Download Comprehensive plan for the City of Frederick
 Pavement Condition Survey Map
Not Available
Download Pavement Condition Survey of City Roads
Storm Drain Location Not Available Download City Wide map of Storm Drain Inlet Locations

Matt Bowman
IT/GIS Manager

101 North Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Ph: (301) 600-6209

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