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Victims Services
The Victim Services Unit offers a strong support system for crime victims of all ages. Following an incident, victims of crime are frequently scared, confused or disoriented. We are here to help with the healing process as well as through the legal process. The Victim Services Unit responds to victims upon referral from case reports. We handle a variety of offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, breaking and entering, aggravated assault, theft, elder abuse, financial exploitation, domestic violence and others.

The Victim Services Unit provides victims options for seeking legal resources, counseling, medical assistance, as well as with the Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Board application process. We assist with referrals to many agencies such as, but not limited to, Social Services (Child Protective Services and/or Adult Protective Services), Frederick Mental Health Services and local Domestic Violence providers. Our goal is to assess and understand each victim’s needs. For more information concerning the Victim Services Unit, please contact us at 301-600-2104 or 301-600-1356.