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Transparent Frederick
Transparent Frederick is The City of Frederick's initiative to provide citizens the ability to see their tax dollars in action.  These intuitive applications will allow the public unprecedented access to the City's finances by giving them the ability to look at different sets of financial data.  This initiative will produce multiple applications over the next couple of months.  Please stay tuned and enjoy the first application.

How Your Money is Spent
The first Transparent Frederick application available to the public will show citizens where their tax money is being spent.   The public will be able to search our financial data just like they were using our financial software.  This application will show how the City spends money from the fund level to the department level all the way down to the actual purchase order used to pay a vendor.   If you want to how the City spends its money, you can find it here.


How Your Money Is Spent
Pick a Fund
Look at the Department
See Where the Money Goes

Spending By Location
See Where Your Money is Spent
City, County, State, or National 


FY13 Adopted Budget

Where Our Money Comes From
The City of Frederick receives funding from a number of different sources.   Using these applications you will be able to see how we find the money to fund our government. 


City Revenue Search 
See Where our Money Comes From

Property Tax Info
See What Your Taxes Fund 

If you have questions about Transparent Frederick please contact Matt Bowman, Technology Manager, 301-600-6209