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Bulk Trash Collection
Updated Bulk Trash Collection
The City of Frederick will offer a pick-up service for a fee as stated in Section 10-22 of the Frederick City Code entitled “Bulk Waste,” subsection (f).  Bulk trash removal is a special service for residential properties located within City of Frederick city limits. For information and/or estimates call the Department of Public Works at 301.600.1680.

Removal of Property Eviction Set-Outs
The City of Frederick does not provide this service on a routine basis. It is the property owner's responsibility to remove larger or set out items. When a set out is identified, the city notifies the property owner and he, or his evicted tenant, is given 48 hours to remove the items. In the event that the property owner shall fail or refuse to comply, he shall be fined $100 for each successive 24-hour period that the material remains. At any time, it shall be lawful for the city to remove and dispose of the material and charge the cost to the violator.

Zach Fleagle, Superintendent Sanitation
Office: (301) 600-1377
111 Airport Drive East
Frederick, MD 21701

24 Hour Switchboard
Ph: (301) 600-1160
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