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Building Codes

Adopted Codes


Plumbing / Gas 
  • 2012 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated with local amendments
  • 2012 National Fuel Gas Code
  • 2011 Liquefield Petroleum Gas Code NFPA 58

  • 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) with local amendments

    Fire Prevention 
    • Maryland State Fire Prevention Code
    • 2015 Life Safety Code - NFPA 101 with local amendments -  (2015 NFPA 101 effective on 01-01-16)
    • 2015 Fire Code - NFPA 1 with local amendments- (2015 NFPA 1 effective on 01-01-16)

    Other Local Codes, Ordinances 

    Maryland State Codes
    (Visit the Maryland Codes Administration website to download copies of the MD State Codes) 

    • Maryland Building Performance Standards (MPBS)
    • Maryland State Accessibility Code which references ADA Architectural Guidelines (ADAAG) for Commerical Buildings and the Fair Housing act, as Amended Architectural Guidelines (FHAAG) for residential buildings containing more than 4 units
    • Maryland State Energy Conservation Code
    • Maryland State Rehabilitation Code
    • Maryland State Industrialized Building Code
    • Maryland State Safety Glazing Code
    • Maryland State Elevator Code
    • Maryland State Boiler Code
    • Maryland Dept. of Environment requirements for pollution point sources and fuel tanks

    There are other codes, laws and ordinances that apply, such as the City Zoning Ordinance, City Flood Plain Ordinance, Maryland State Boiler Code, Maryland State Elevator Code, Maryland State Safety Glazing Code and MDE requirements for pollution point sources and fuel tanks.


    City of Frederick  
    • Building Department: 301-600-3808
    • Planning Department: 301-600-1499
    • Engineering Department: 301-600-1405
    Frederick County Permits & Inspections – 301-600-2313 
    Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services - 301-600-1536 
    Frederick County Health Department - 301-600-1029 
    Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office (Hagerstown) - 301-791-4758 
    Maryland Department of the Environment 
    Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene