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Bulk Trash Collection

  1. City of Frederick Residents Only

  2. Collection Type*

  3. If no email, please enter n/a

  4. Please enter a detailed list of items to be collected.

  5. Acceptable Items

    Furniture; Appliances; Bicycles; Large Toys / Swing Sets; Mattress & Box Springs (3 per household); Mowers, Weed Eaters, and Trimmers (fluids must be removed), Grills (tanks must be removed). All items must be 6' or less in length.

  6. DPW staff will contact you with a confirmed collection day - do not set items out until your collection day has been scheduled. Comfirmation of collection day will be sent to the email you provided.*

  7. For questions please call the DPW Sanitation Department at 301-600-1680 or 301-600-1377.

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