101 North Court Street
Frederick, MD 21771


Name Title Email Phone
Kolbfleisch, Gerry Director of Finance 301-600-1395
Coats, Leslie Account Clerk II/Water and Sewer 301-600-1333
Garver, Raven Administrative Assistant/Account Clerk 301-600-1399
German, Samantha Sr. Account Clerk/Accounts Receivable 301-600-1419
King, Jeannie Payroll Administrator 301-600-1415
Lenhart, Mary Accountant 301-600-2216
McGraw, Lora Accountant 301-600-3898
McHenry, Nancy Accounting Assistant 301-600-1388
Shook, Wanda Account Clerk II/Water and Sewer 301-600-1421
Slimmer, Patti Accounting Manager 301-600-1396
Smith, Cindy Accounts Payable 301-600-1398
Stoutamyer, Juanita Account Clerk II/Cashier 301-600-1422