Frederick Police Department

                                   Chief Hargis

The Frederick Police Department (FPD) is a technologically innovative and progressive police agency, committed to ensuring Frederick City's exceptional quality of life.  We partner with our citizens, striving to ensure satisfaction.  We steadfastly believe that our commitment to provide excellent police service makes Frederick a unique and wonderful place in which citizens thrive.  We demonstrate the highest respect for all citizens, treat all citizens as equal customers, and never tolerate taking another person's dignity.  We understand that police power derives from the people.  We expect excellence and respect in all we do.  

The FPD aggressively combats crime through a variety of policing strategies, including data-driven policing, problem solving, and community policing.  We work with citizens, community groups, and other government entities through a systematic and community-oriented process to prevent and mitigate crime through focused law enforcement and problem-solving.
                                                   Chief Ed Hargis

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  1. Frederick Police Investigate Stabbing Incident

  2. Frederick Police Department make arrest and recover approximately 111 grams of marijuana.

    On 07/21/17 at approximately 0033 Hrs OFC Johnston arrested Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani for possession of 111 grams of marijuana. Read on...
  3. Frederick Police Charge Female with 1st Degree Assault

    On 7/20/2017 at approximately 0445hrs Officers from the Frederick Police Department were dispatched to disturbance call at 1901 Riverwalk Pl. Read on...
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