Upcoming Workshop Topics

April 12

  • Discussion of a Proposed Rezoning of the Property Located at 200 East 16th Street to Remove the Institutional Floating Zone
  • Discussion of FY 2018 Master Schedule of Fees
  • Discussion of Proposed Fines for Parking Violations

April 19

  • Presentation of Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan
  • Discussion of a request from the developer of The Preserves at Tuscarora PND to establish 8.02 acres of forest conservation easements within 16.03 acres of land being dedicated to the City as public parkland
  • Discussion of Results of an Organic Waster Processing Options Feasibility Review by GHD, Inc.
April 26 - No items at this time

May 3

  • Proposed revisions to the City Code regarding signs
May 10
  • Discussion of FY 2018 Budget

If you have questions please contact Phyllis Hane at 301-600-2575 or email