HPC Special Committee- Designation


Next Meeting: February 22, 2018, 5:00 PM City Hall Room 212

The purpose of the Designation Committee is to assist the Historic Preservation Commission in pursuing their goal of protecting historic resources by identifying designation priorities, supporting grant applications for research and documentation, preliminarily evaluating historic resources, and making recommendations to the Historic Preservation Commission. The Designation Committee has also spearheaded efforts to improve tax incentives for designated properties and to improve the design guidelines for individual properties and small districts in the Historic Preservation Overlay.  

Agendas and Minutes

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Existing and Potential Historic Preservation Overlays

Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties Form- East Frederick Survey District


  • Kate McConnell, Chairman
  • Carrie Albee, Historic Preservation Commission
  • Alan Miner, Historic Preservation Commission
  • Matt Bonin, Historic Preservation Commission
  • Lisa Mroszczyk Murphy, Historic Preservation Planner
  • Christina Martinkosky, Historic Preservation Planner
  • Matt Davis, Manager for Comprehensive Planning
  • Scott Winnette, Frederick Preservation Trust
  • Robert Jones, Resident