Ad Hoc Mill Pond House Ruins Committee


Next Meeting: January 11, 2018, 5 PM City Hall Room 212

The Wormald Companies is currently preparing a City Parkland Dedication Plat as part of the Worman's Mill Development. On the property is a historic site known as the Mill House Pond Ruins. As the City takes ownership, we want to ensure the protection of this resource. In response, the Historic Preservation Commission created the Mill Pond House Ruins Committee. This group, made up of concerned citizens and preservation professionals, was formed with the goal of obtaining grants to research, document, stabilize and interpret the site. With the installation of a nearby bicycle pedestrian path, there is a unique opportunity to incorporate this site as a landmark along the trail and serve as a heritage tourism attraction.

Agendas and Minutes

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  • Dedra Salitrik, Resident
  • John Salitrik, Resident
  • Carol Romer, Resident
  • David Romer, Resident
  • Elaine Tickner, Resident
  • Gary Compton, Resident
  • Joan Suwalsy, Resident
  • Jack Murphy, Resident
  • Donna Murphy, Resident
  • Heidi Sproat, Resident
  • Debbie Barron, Resident
  • Stacey Streett, HPC/ Archeology Background
  • Patricia Ogden, Historian/ Frederick Landmarks Foundation
  • Rebecca Cybularz, Historical Architect
  • Nicholas Redding, Activist/Preservation Maryland
  • Carrie Albee, HPC/Archeologist


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