Monocacy Boulevard Project

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Monocacy Blvd Closure Map

Alternate Routes Map

Monocacy Boulevard: Closed between Schifferstadt Boulevard and Gas House Pike for major construction Oct. 14, 2017- through April 2019 

Watch "City Issues" program about the project:

January 2018:

  • Steel will be erected for the new bridge in March. This bridge will carry two lanes of eastbound traffic when the road is opened.
  • Washington Gas, Potomac Edison and Verizon will begin major relocations of their utilities in the next two months to accommodate the new roadway alignment.
  • The old bridge will be rehabilitated to include pedestrian safety fencing, lighting, and a widened sidewalk.

Ongoing work:

  • The contractor has been working on the installation of the Park Branch Culverts, five 96-inch culverts that will replace the existing, smaller culverts that carry stormwater from the west to the east under the road.
  • The contractor has been working on the foundation for the retaining wall running parallel to Carroll Creek. This wall will shift the roadway away from the houses near the entrance to the City’s wastewater treatment plant.

November 2017:  Below left, five 96-inch culvert pipes are being installed under Monocacy Boulevard in Park Branch to replace four existing culverts. Below right, piers 1 and 2 are in place for the new Monocacy Boulevard bridge across the Monocacy River.

Traffic concerns:

The City understands the closure of Monocacy Boulevard creates some commuting challenges. The City's Engineering Department, Police and Mayor will be continuously monitoring traffic along the various detour routes and will evaluate potential modifications to traffic controls to improve the movement along those corridors. 

MD 26We are also coordinating with Maryland State Highway Administration and Frederick County, as needed, to address issues, since MD 26 is a State road, and Gas House Pike east of ALDI is within the County.

We believe the temporary inconvenience of Monocacy's closure will be well rewarded once the improved Monocacy Boulevard opens. Monitor this page for the latest alternate route recommendations. 

Contact us to report concerns or ask questions: 301-600-1498.

What the Monocacy Boulevard project accomplishes:

  • Make Monocacy Boulevard straighter, safer, less likely to flood and able to serve four lanes of traffic - two in each direction
  • Construction of a new bridge over the Monocacy River, and rehabilitation of the existing bridge, providing improved accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Monocacy Boulevard and Gas House Pike
  • Ease access to/from North/East side of City

Why Monocacy Boulevard must be closed now:

The project requires demolishing the existing road in order to construct the new four-lane road, along the same general alignment, but at a higher elevation.

Because the work follows the same general alignment of the existing road and the roadway will be raised, there is no room within the narrow corridor to shift traffic to one side or the other during demolition of the existing road or construction of the new road until construction is nearly complete.

July 2018: US 15/MD 26 Construction

The Maryland State Highway Administration manages the U.S. 15 construction and timeline. Monday, July 23, the Maryland State Highway Administration will open the Monocacy Boulevard bridge over U.S. 15 and a new ramp, which are part of the U.S. 15 (Catoctin Mountain Highway) /Monocacy Boulevard interchange project. Information about that and other state highway projects is on the SHA projects page.